What's the difference between DNGuard Professional and its free trial version?

DNGuard Professional's free trial version offers you full functionality. The only limitation is that you are forced to select "Using high performance encryption method" checkbox for encryption settings, and the protected products produced by the trial version will only run for 30 days. In order to ship a protected product to your customers you have to purchase DNGuard.

Does DNGuard supports .Net framework 1.1 as well as framework 2.0?

DNGuard support both frameworks. No special settings should be made for DNGuard to work with a particular framework, the tool identifies the framework version that your product was compiled against automatically.

How do I use DNGuard?

The product includes a command line tool and a GUI based tool. The command line tool can be used to protect your builds as part of your build process.

After I use DNGuard to protect my product, do I need any additional component to run my program?

DNGuard includes a runtime library that you need to ship with the protected code. The runtime hands the protected code to the jitter in dynamic pseudocode form just before compilation occurs. The library component can be freely distributed to your customers without any additional costs.

Does DNGuard support being further encrypted/packed by themida/winlicense?

Yes. This is supported by using StubLoader Module which is not included in the Trial version, and the StubLoader Module's Source Code is available to our DNGuard Enterprise's customers.
If you currently use WinLicense (Oreans) for your licensing.
As themida/winlicense using Whole Assembly Protection which can be easily unpacked, you would want to choose a more secure tool for protecting your .Net Assembly and keep your existing licensing.